[BNE] Fixxay Bike Tag

  1. Post a photo of your bike in the same location as the previous person’s.
  2. Post a photo of your bike somewhere else.
  3. If noone can get the tag in a reasonable amount of time, give a hint.
  4. Repeat tags will be politely removed

I’ll start

Been waiting for this! If my calf wasn’t torn I’d be up for this!

oww goodie - no fone wif me today… but keen for this

is this limited to the city? or is there a rough radius to keep it in? also… couriers are banned right?

City limits kents, couriers are totes allowed cos I wanna be friends with them and then nekminnit fixiefamous

nah fek that, i recken as long as its reasonable that it can be guessed/reached by bike its free game!

also i know the spot, (not cos i go there, but cos i recognise those building tops, haha) but not in city today

You can recognize it all you like mang but that doesnt mean shit til you tag it!!

And yeah I take back that city limits shit, reasonably accessed by bike, I like that better, everyone happy with that?

Brisbane city and surrounds areas. Obviously within reason and give hints if you want. Its in the rules.

P.S. Easy first tag, someone get dat shit.

Sounds good.

May the odds be ever in your favor.:wink:

haha roled just past there today, could have taken a snap… might later

Onya Scott! Just the excuse I need to start riding again… :slight_smile:

This is gonna be fun, good work Scotty. Close enough is good enough right?

Easy one, lets keep this rolling hey. BAM.

Is this the new planking, I don’t know about this.

Good work lokione, and I thought mine was easy!

I think you’ll find it’s not as easy as you think… remember - most people get taken there through the back entrance in a box on the back of a Rodeo with no windows

yes, but you can read the address haha

crims can only read graf n tags brah

will learn to internet

Learn to internet KENT!!