BNE: mall2mall Phixed Phalanx of Phun: Sat 22nd April

Just a reminder, the mall2mall ride is on this Saturday, leaving from King George Square at 8am to Ipswich mall. has a link to a registration form if you haven’t already. $20, including backpack, water bottle, tshirt, bbq lunch.

Rhino, I’m expecting you to have cardboard disc wheels and ‘aero’ helmet fairing. Extra points for glitter and pipe cleaners. :wink:

Any ideas on a meeting time and place? 730 outside Officeworks? Something better?

I may have to train it back to make another function, depends on the arrival time. Hopefully I can ride back.


Blakey, I am not doing the Mall to Mall. I am entered into a 24-hour MTB race (and I have a strange feeling that ndf will have entered as well).

Sorry lads, the decision was easy…ride for 3 hours or 24!!!

I will be doing the mall-mall.

Should be the perfect place to show off my new t-shirt :slight_smile:

Well, look for me in a matching shirt milling around with other shiftless folk.

Current meet spot is the area of KGS adjacent to officeworks by 730 to get registered and on the road by 800.

Courtesy of Rogaine:

Haha the 24hr sounded like a great idea, but I’ve decided against it - so I’ll be at the mall2mall too!! t-shirt will be on. Both ways are good for me.

See you all at the meet point.

Phive in the phixed phalanx …

rogaine, i’ll put that pic and the other pics you’ve sent to 853 in the gallery soon, when i have proper internet access. the gallery is f*cked and i cant fix it at the internet cafe… bare with me :slight_smile:


thanks nick, the thought of you bare in the i/net cafe will tide us over!!

hows the new lifestyle?? share the good bits anyway!

Good photo rogaine, the creativity is shining through…

Damn it, he beat me to posting the photo.

I finally found a use for the drops though, they hung nicely over the playground equipment.

I visualise a photo, say 6 fixies, lying on their sides on grass/concrete with rear wheels together in a circle, and then take the photo from directly above, i.e. birds eye view.