BNE Ride to work day

So where was ya’s ? Saw Lupine but that was about it.


Hey, I rode to work…just like every other day…just didn’t choose the 45km detour via the city?

Paying homage to the work gods, out of town!!

I have forgotten where Brisbane is.

I rode to work…not to the gathering.
Although It was good to see so many people riding in the city this morning I couldn’t help but think of how many will be in their cars again tomorrow. For me it’s the fastest, cheapest, most convenient, most healthy and most fun way to get to work.

Rode in the city as usual on a Wednesday.
Spotted one fixie with fluoro green rims parked at the gathering.
I was on my roadie.

Yep that was mine. But fluro’s a bit harsh. I prefer “lime”.