BNE - shops?

hi all
any recommendations for Brisbane shops that stock a good selection SS/fixed gear and know how - who do you local fixers and messengers use?

cheers, matt

Ridgway’s in Stafford have track parts and are incredibly helpful.

i work at a city shop on saturdays, and i’ll put my vote in for ridgeways as well.
if you’re in the city on sturdays, come by bike and cycle obsession on albert and mary and i’ll supply no-how, but for parts you’re going to stafford.

most of the messengers use us cause we’re central and don’t mind the smell*

*and yes, we do smell. oh how we smell…

lupine, the smell doesn’t bother me, it’s the no price tags thing I don’t get…

yeah, tell me about it.
it’s because no-one is organized enough to actually do them on the shelf stock. in case you didn’t know it takes ages to price stuff if you have a fairly high turn over of stock. most of the time we’re busy just keeping up with repairs and sales. and with bikes it’s even worst because we can’t keep most of the giants in stock they sell so fast, and then when someone does do them all they’ll take them off for test rides and stuff and forget to put them back on.

that we’re too damn lazy to spend an hour a day just pricing stuff when we could be working on bikes…

I’m not sure Crashdummy meant the lack of price tags, but the size of them?

BTW I asked Byron in Victors about track stuff, and he said he got some of it and it sat on the shelf for ages. Maybe that had a bit to do with price tag too. One thing about Ridgways is they try on price - I love the non-shiny look of the place. It’s hilarious when they start rummaging in all those boxes and come up with the most obscure bits - by the dozen!