BO Gear - Dufflay - Duffle Bag Review

So, I recently picked up my limited edition truck tarp BO Duffle bag just in time for a long weekend in Melbourne. First of all, the bag looks the goods. It was totally getting checked out by the honeys wherever I went (might not have been the bag). With ease I managed to pack 3 days worth of clothes, wash bag, big headphones, ipod and a book.

The first test was stashing it in the overhead locker on the plane. I hate planes, really really hate them. There is something about them that turns 99% of your fellow passengers into the biggest jeb ends known to man. When they started announcing the rows to board there was a massive melee but thankfully due to my quick thinking and punching a fellow passenger in the dick I was soon on board. I think Dave must have measured up some overhead lockers because this thing fitted like a glove. Lift up, slide in, sit down. The bag went into the locker pretty easily too.

There are a couple of nifty features worth mentioning. The first is an internal mesh pocket, perfect for stashing paper work and keys etc. so they don’t get lost in the main compartment. The webbing on the outside is a also great feature, it allows you to strap other items to the outside. The possibilities are endless, examples include an umbrella, poster tube and a massive sausage. Personally I used it to clip my keys onto as I passed through the metal detectors at the airport, very handy.

I did get caught in a couple of showers between the airport and hotel, nothing significant so cannot comment in detail about the waterproofness of the truck tarp version. It certainly looks waterproof though and I have no doubt in my mind there will be no leakages when bringing back souvenir ping pong balls from Thailand.

Overall I’m super pleased with the bag and it will be my first choice for weekends away, short camping trips and transporting body parts. Thanks Dave!

Nice review, I should be copping the burgundy one I ordered last week any minute now. Glad to hear it passes the overhead locker test!

As always man - Unassumingly f’ing hilarious :slight_smile: Sweet review.

Yep, brilliant review.

I just took mine on a trip to Chicago. Like Chris already said the thing just glides into the overhead compartment like it’s on rails. Also you always feel like you’re in a spy movie waiting to make some dead drop in the middle of a busy airport or train station. The base is nice and sturdy and I found myself simply kicking it along the ground in the airport queue rather than using my arms like a chump. Mine is going to double as a track bag if I ever find time between family and work commitments in the next 5 years to get back to the velodrome.

Got mine yesterday in the mail. Fkn sweet bag it’s even the exact same maroon colour as my GT Feuler. First thing I thought of when I opened it up was if I ever need to transport a large amount of cash (i.e. bank robbery stylez) this would be the bag to use for sure.

So, bit of an update for you all.

Used the bag to transport a weeks worth of clothes etc for a trip to Victoria. Again, so easy as hand luggage. The bag was full to capacity on the way there but I bought a load of stuff whilst I was away and managed to cram it all in there without it exploding. I did have to wear a t-shirt, shirt, hoodie and coat on the flight back which nearly caused me to self immolate upon landing in Brisbane but thats another story.

Also used it to take clothes, books etc for a 4 day camping trip. It easily swallowed the stuff up and still looks new despite being thrown around a bit in a sandy environment.