BO Gear Elephantitus

BO Gear Elephantitas review

A few months ago I bought a second hand Elephantitas off user generic hipster so thought I’d write a review seeing as I use it (and love it) so much

Originally I was skeptic of how useful so much space would be and might be to much space, but since one came up around the same time I was planning on upgrading bags I thought I may as well get one. And since I’ve had it I haven’t looked back. From being able to carry all my stuff in one bag and be able to ride to baseball, to carrying a case (or 2 when packed properly) of beer with ease, to doing a weeks worth of grocery shopping and not have plastic bags hanging off the handle bars asking to break and ruin the trip, this bag does it all.

Even through all my travels with it I haven’t quite reached the huge 51 litre capacity and regularly have to make use of the compression straps to make it easier to wear, and even when I’ve got close and the bag seems to look way to heavy the clever ‘x’ strap across the chest with the padding on both shoulders distributes the weight evenly and it hardly seems that I’ve got as much stuff inside as I so often do.

The waterproof (citation needed) outer layer is also a godsend when riding to school or to a baseball game and need a change of clothes and equipment to remain dry without the need for putting everything in plastic bags.

In hindsight, if I was to purchase this bag new, which I would without question, I would invest in a back pad as sometimes if I’m in a rush and don’t pack it properly things can stick into your back. And I would also get a custom one to swap everything over as I wear it on my right shoulder (stupid lefties).

Overall I would rate this bag a 9.5/10 the only downside being the weight of the actual bag and the massive sweat patch it can leave, even though that’s just me being picky and obviously come with the nature of a bag the size of an elephant.

Hope this review has helped you

Here’s some photos I thought I’d add before I used the bag for this morning and afternoons baseball games
This bag easily holds 3 helmets I unfourtunatly have to take to coach in mornings and play afternoon, 3 gloves, 3 bats, 2 changes of clothes, baseball cleats, a bag of baseballs, all the paperwork for a game, u lock, tools and tube, and other bits.

Apologies for the poor pics

Good write up, I’m thinking about the Sindrome.

Do you get hassled much by drivers on the way to baseball, looks like a pretty good deterrent.


Nah not really to much out of the ordinary arsehole drivers maybe get a few more ‘sick burns’
But most of the weird looks come from other cyclists, especially when I have my speakers going aswell

Hey mate, thanks for the review and feedback. Really appreciate it and the fact that you love dirtifying a second hand bag! Kudos to you! :slight_smile:

Just some quick feedback:

  1. Make yourself some back padding - Grab a new padded mailer style envelope (the one with bubble wrap inside), wrap it in gaffa tape, insert inside your bag. Hey presto, cheap padding which can be removed easily as well as lasts a long time.
  2. The shoulder straps can be reversed for “normal” carry. I don’t have a video up showing how to do it but will create one shortly if it helps. Let me know. To change carry sides, just undo the big 50mm buckles behind your shoulder blades, and swap around.

Once again, thanks heaps for the review! Ride safe!

Dave from BOgear

Sindrome is rad. I’ve used it for a work bag for the last year and haven’t had any issues.

Thanks mate, I’ve got a bog standard Crumpler atm but it’s starting to look pretty second hand so the Sindrome is on the horizon.

Hey Dave
Thanks for the feedback really appreciate it

I’ll definetly have to try the padding idea for sure sounds like it’ll work a treat

And I ment I like to carry it on my right side so I can access with my left hand easier
So if I was to order new again I’d try to get the u lock sleeve and water bottle stuff swapped around if that would’ve been possible

Thanks again for the reply, really appreciate it