Boardman CX commuter

So after destroying the wheels on my my old flat bar commuter*, I decided to upgrade to something a lot more awesome and a lot tougher. Enter the Boardman Team CX.

Brakes are SRAM Avid BB5 (mechanical, not hydraulic), groupset is SRAM Apex, which has the sort of range you’d normally get with a triple chainring, but spread out over a 10 speed double. 50/34 rings at the front, 11-32 at the back. Yes, up to a 32 sprocket at the back, you did read that correctly. It’s also got fully internal cables with interrupter levers.

From the stock configuration, I added handbuilt wheels, Randonneur 35mm slick tyres (though I’ve got other tyres for off-road and CX use), and SKS Chromoplastic mudguards. The wheels are Shimano Deore XT MTB disc hubs laced to Mavic A317 Disc rims with DT Swiss Alpine III (triple butted 2.3/1.8/2.0) spokes, 32 at the front, 36 at the rear. Also, you can’t see it in these images, but the mudguard stays required some modification in order to work with disc brakes.

I’ve only done about 20-25km on it so far, but I’m loving it. Rides like a road bike, but with the comfort of fat tyres, far superior braking power, incredibly low gearing for the hills while still maintaining high gears for speed, and the potential for dirt and CX use. (So I’ll be waiting for the next TWBD ride!)

I expect this to last me a long time. :smiley:

*In case anyone is wondering: Cracking and pull-through at multiple spoke holes in the rear rim, after having a spoke breaking at least once every 6 months. Wheels were 32 spoke straight-gauge 622x19, made by Alex Wheels, and the rim failure occurred after 2 years of almost 5 day/week commuting at about 80kg rider weight.

Tuff! And nice!
A few questions about the bar angle though…

Pretty sure the bar angle just looks funny there because the photo was taken from down low. :slight_smile:

Think it’s a combination of angle and bar angle.
Nice job, and tastefull upgrades.

Very nice!

Can I just ask how much you got raped with tax when bringing this over? Also I’m thinking of doing something very similar with the Road Comp as it’s $900 on Wiggle. Although it wont be half as comfortable as this!

Yeah, rode it home from work after posting the above, and decided it felt tilted too far back. Guess I shouldn’t have adjusted it with the work stand was holding the (sloping) top tube level!


I wasn’t at all, but was charged about $200 in GST and customs fees, which I was expecting and was happy to pay, especially since DHL made it so easy - they just send you an SMS with BPay details, transfer the payment and your shipment gets released.