Bob Jackson geared

Nice: Bob Jackson Audax Road Bike Reynolds 631 60cm | eBay

Lots of tourers coming up on ebay. Cyclocross shark-jumping?

Damn nice solid bike.

Rims are uggo, otherwise that’s a sweet ride.

If I hadn’t had such a shit run of luck lately I’d be seriously chasing this

this i want…

The frame alone would cost around $900 (inc postage from UK). Someone could be up for a bargain here.

Still the listing is a bit off the mark saying that 631 is one of the lightest cromo tubesets available. But it will be strong as an ox and should last for decades.

Nice, but I’d ditch the silver saddle/tape combo… fugly!

Does it come with a step ladder?

Get yourself some paintstripper (for the rims) and a new saddle and griptape and you got yourself a pretty handsome steed.

Damn it! Not. Big. Enough!

Ha! Was my first thought too. For you, not me, obvs.