BOgear Sindrome

Item: BOgear Sindrome (Triple layer)
How long used: 4 months, used everyday since I purchased it bar 4 or 5.
Where used: Commuting in Melbourne, Everyday bag for everything, Travelling interstate (with and without bike).
What similar products have you used: Mambo and Crumpler Barney Rustle.

I decided to buy this bag when I found the smallish size of my Crumpler was limiting me from riding places because I couldn’t bring all the stuff I wanted with me. It was a purchase well made and having a larger bag with cycling specific features meant I didn’t have to think twice before riding somewhere and whether I could take all the stuff I needed and still ride comfortably. Dave was very easy to deal with, I contacted him by PMing him on the forum and we discussed purchasing the bag and what I wanted from there. I ended up going for the triple layer construction which features an extra nylon layer on the inside, the bag looks and feels robust and I don’t worry about stuff marking or scratching the interior. I also added a neat little (mostly) waterproof camera bag to the front that I got from Aldi for 10, gives me easy access to my phone/pen paper when I’m riding and don’t have any available pockets or a place for them when it’s raining. I haven’t had anything get wet inside the bag and I’ve ridden through some nasty downpours with it, though make sure to pull the flap all the way over when the bag is quite full.

The bag copes with almost everything I throw in/at it, the main pocket swallows a large amount of stuff and when I started putting a bit more into it I found it kind of swelled and surprised me with it’s capacity. The two side pockets within the main pocket allow for easy access (particularly while riding) and are great for carrying shoes/lunch or something you want kept separate from the main contents. The front pocket has probably been the most useful and takes almost all my year 12 exercise and textbooks, it’s the pocket I use the most considering this bags primary function is commuting to and from school. The third arm strap when adjusted properly in conjunction with the main strap stops the majority of movement from the bag when riding/dashing to your bike/bending down to do your shoes up. The Velcro tipped ends on the flap clips and the third arm strap are handy and help them be kept out of the way, they are tucked away at the bottom of the bag in this photo.

The stuff I always carry in the bag is
-Pump -Spare Tube
-Lights -Waterproof Jacket/Warmer layer
-Buff -Map
-15mm -Multitool
-D lock

I ride around with just this stuff in it all the time and the bag stays comfortable, you don’t have to fill it to make it work for you, the compression straps keep the bag ‘hugged’ to your body when adjusted. I’ve (just) carried 4 days worth of clothes plus my race tool kit and cycling kit in it before.

-Comfy whether full or empty.
-D-lock sleeve means I can get lock out with out (re)moving the bag. It’s super deep so I often hide stuff down the very back as well.
-Chest clip is great for not lifting the bag over my head when heavily loaded/getting the bag off super quickly.
-Odd shaped objects like Tupperware containers can be painful on the back, as with most messenger bags make sure to think about the positioning of stuff when packing.
-When the bag is loaded with lots of heavy stuff eg bottles and all my school books/clothes it’s a bit much for one shoulder. (Which is why I’m getting a second shoulder strap put on)
-not sure about it’s potential for carrying wheels/frames/large boxes. I’m picking up a wheelset tomorrow night so we’ll see.

Feel free to ask any questions if I’ve forgotten anything.



try getting a few of the padded envelopes and taping them together with duct tape. instant removable back padding (and they make a great portable seat :wink:

you could also use some bubble wrap from a wiggle etc order and do the same (but use more duct tape)