Boggo Rd Bike Hub = Dickheads!!

I rang them the other day with the spoke length calculations for the wheels I’m building and was advised at the length and number fo spokes I needed. I trotted off over and got all the spokes from them.
Went off to build me wheels and worked out with help from others on this site and other shops in BrisVegas, that half the spokes were the wrong length.
I went down to return them to Boggo Rd and pick up the ones I needed but they weren’t in stock there and they won’t refund me the $$ because they say it was my fault…I chose the wrong size!
I know of another shop in Brisbane that have the sie I need and would have me making rims today…however I now have to wait !!

I reckon that sucks. They advised me on the spoke length!

Don’t use em they’re smug shits!!!

If they told you that the spokes they sold would work for what you wanted, then the Trade Practices act requires them to refund or replace with the correct ones.

The fact that they specifically told you the sizes means they are responsible.

Go back, mention the Trade Practices Act, Office of Fair Trading, Dept of Justice and you should get a result.

^ agreed and they still insist that I made the mistake!!

Good idea to steer clear of them I’d say Brisbanites in the future!

A grade wankers!!!

bike hub.
re_tards much?
they always have the shop filled with staff and no coustumers
but even if you go in and your the only person bysides the staff
you still wont get served !!!
dont shop there!

I bought from there because they had a good deal on my Masi. However, I basically did all the sales work myself while the guy just stood there and nodded with things I said. So yeah, won’t be taking it back for service or other purchases.

was his name Matt?

if so he owns the place…he’s a right monga fo sho!!!

any other bike shops we should steer clear of in BrisVegas?
Logan Rd Cycles I reckon just because they know fu ck all