Bonding Metals? Tools? (Not bike related)

Just wondering if anybody on the forum knows if there is such thing as a “craft welder” ie something small, inexpensive and easy to use, that can bond steel or more importantly brass. even like a decent glue.


I make smallish sculptures and often use thin brass tubes. i would like to bond them somehow.

what about a soldering iron would that work?

had a look on the net but i dont even know what to type into google

any help would be greatly appreciated.

what about a hand held blow torch thingy. also good for your ice pipe shortsie

the tubing i use is 2-4mm max

a blow torch is good but what am i blowtorching? solder maybe?

yeah find a solder that will bond to Brass and melt it with blow torch, google will be your friend for finding a solder/flux

So a blowtorch, Solder

whats flux?


Flux is a paste shit that is used to control where solder flows

if you can find a ‘boc gas and gear’ they will probably help you,
by help i mean sell you the most expensive way to do it

thats exactly what i dont want

just wanna keep it real simple

BTW Aeon Flux is the shittest most overated cartoon ever. i used to watch that shit on liquid television

ask oui-oui-skid, he’s a plumber and had something to say on here a few weeks back about blowtorches. probably bunnings / supercheap for low, low prices

Thanks all for your suggestions, i know know what to type into google.

It’s a paste/powder or core/sheath of your filler that acts as a wetting agent and prevents oxidation of the metal when you’re heating it and assists in removal of contaminants after.

For simple brazing (soldering generally refers to lower temperature (<450ºC) joining eg: Pb-Sn filler alloy, ~200ºC melting point, low strength), you could use a MAPP torch (hardware store) with a brass filler easily enough. A propane torch may even do the trick depending on the filler you use.

One of the geeks that worked here a few years ago used to make tiny little helicopters that flew*. Very fine metal tubes were used a lot. He used to use a tiny little butane blowtorch for brazing and soldering. It was about the size of a CO2 inflator and it produced a very fine pointy flame.

*Edit: He is in the Army now, flying much bigger helicopters.


I only understood maybe a 1/4 of what you wrote, but in that quarter am i to understand that Soldering is lower stregnth? and i should get a MAPP torch and some Filler?

and CC
hmm maybe i’ll try a hobby shop eh.


You can build a bike frame with a MAPP torch (da_frog has one and repaired his Van Werkhoven with it). Probably overkill for your needs.

If you’re only making non-structural items, you may get away with lead-tin solder, silver soldering is between Pb-Sn & brass in terms of melting point so would be easier to use with a basic propane / butane torch. It does need closer tolerances on your joints though.

The cheapest route would be to get a pencil butane/propane torch and some flux cored lead-tin solder, then test join some tubing and see how much force it takes to break the joint afterwards.

Try Jaycar / Dick Smith also for torches / solder.


this video has the answer you seek

he even solders small tubes

awesome thanks everyone, much appreciated

If you just want to bond with adhesive, try ‘devcon’ from hardware store.

Also speak to a jeweller as they solder rather small things most of the time. They could advise on what torch to use.

I know heaps of Jewellers!!!

i’ll ask them too.