Bonking or something more?

Hey kids!

So I just woke up from a 2 hour sleep after getting home from my commute. This isn’t normal.

A few weeks ago I was out on a ride with lukethespook where all of a sudden I started feeling dizzy, slow, no energy and the best way I can describe it was that I just wasn’t there. The body felt numb. I crawled along to the shops where I downed a soft drink and snickers and still didn’t feel amazing so I called it a ride and got the wife to pick me up. A few days after that the body still felt a little ‘off’. I admit I didn’t eat well that day so I put it down to a food flat.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I knew I was going to be doing a longer commute on the ride home - nothing amazing, just 30km. So I made sure that I ate well all day. I was hydrated and feeling fine. The ride itself felt good, I wasn’t pushing myself but was just keeping the legs moving along. Towards the end of the ride there were a couple of hills that I like to test myself on, as in get out of the saddle and kick until the legs start to scream. Also, pretty normal for me to do. After these two climbs it was off on a fairly down hill return to home, but this time I was dealing with a lot of gusty winds that was making riding very difficult. I eventually crawled back home and greeted the wife and headed to the shower. This is when I broke out into a pretty heavy sweat. The kind of sweat I get when I am in a sauna… it was a constant drip. After a quick shower I had a meal, then seconds (unlike me), and then I crashed on the couch and fell asleep for 2 hours. Now I am eating weet-bix and still feeling a little fuzzy.

So, with this - is this pretty standard body behaviour when you bonk? the sweats, the sleeping and the eating? Or is this something to go see my GP about?

Doesn’t sound normal. Definitely see the doc.
You’re more than fit enough for it to not be bonking.

A couple of times when I’ve pushed really hard for several hours I’ve felt very cold and needed to sleep urgently, but then felt fine afterwards.

Did you drink the contents of your hip flask before or during the ride?

Go see your GP and get checked.

You’re gonna be a dad! YAAAY TINY EZY!

Sorry to hear that. I sometimes have sweats when I’m bonking, even if I’m not doing a particular effort (for example if I’m having an unusually late lunch at work).

Any other symptoms? Hard/stressful time at work? Not so good sleep?

Too much blood going to your mo.

Nope, nothing really out of the ordinary over here. Sleeping well, eating well, work is cruisy at the moment. Coffee drinking has been normal. High fives have been normal. Donut consumption has been lacking. Instagraming has been steady.

Acually, I did get a rash on the weekend after installing a fence - heat rash or allergic rash or bitten by something, it was all over my back and legs. I don’t normally get rashes. It only stuck around for a day though and wasn’t itchy at all.

I might go to a Dr. Hang on, Seb you are a Dr! See you tomorrow.

Have you lost much weight over recent months?

Not sure if a serious question, but waist size has shrunk - but not much weight loss. I have been a steady 75kg for about a year now.

Side note: I don’t eat a lot of donuts.
TC: I only had 3 full donuts when I was in Melbourne.
TC: I regret not eating more.

See a doc simply to make sure it’s nothing serious.

I’d say your immune system is already stressed and riding is the icing on the cake.

The eating/sleeping is on par with the bonk I get. The sweats not so much, I tend to get the shakes pretty bad though. Everyone is different.

I’d be concerned if you notice any unusual discolouration.

I’ve had similar things happen, not really dizzy but just no push and heart rate jumps real high and doesn’t recover.
For me it’s usually three things,
A- stress,
B- a virus coming on
C- Bad hay fever, I don’t get the red eyes, sneezes or anything I just get really runny nose, saw throat and really run down.
After a few days of antihistamine in ok,
But like the others I’d see a gp could be diet/blood levels/ or just a virus but I’m far from a doc

As everyone else has said: go see a doctor.
You really shouldn’t be bonking after 30kms anyway, unless you’re doing some sort of all-out effort, and especially if you’ve been eating and drinking properly beforehand.

Take it easy, Ezy. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Hunger attacks, fatigue, excessive sweating, dizziness (almost to the point of fading out) - I suffer these symptoms on a fairly regular basis, sometimes for no apparent reason. I’ve had a doc describe it as hypoglycemia, although I’ve never actually had it checked out. As long as I keep myself well fed it occurs much less. But don’t take this as a diagnosis, go see the doc like everyone has said. I probably should too.

Bonking/hunger flatting happens when your glycogen stores are depleted, nothing to do with how fit you are.

When you hunger flat badly it can take a few days to recover properly and if you don’t eat enough carbohydrates to top up those glycogen stores every time you go out on the bike you might have barely enough fuel making it easier to hunger flat again.

Agreed with everyone else though, go see a GP just to be safe.

Firstly, go and see your GP. You have one that you’ve developed a bit of a relationship with right?

Secondly, my first suspicion is pretty much what GH said up there ^. My guess is that it’s related to your blood glucose levels. Every now and then, after I’ve eaten a really good meal with plenty of carbs, I’ll get all shaky and sweaty and vague, and cos I’m at work I can check my blood glucose level and I’ve found it to be around 2.0mmol/L. That’s really low, and I’ve just eaten. It’s referred to as postprandial hypoglycaemia, something to do with a miscalculated extra squirt of insulin from my pancreas occasionally after eating. I just eat some glucose stuff and am all good. Maybe this kind of thing and the kinda thing GH mentioned might be happening with you.

Thirdly, go and see your GP. They’ll likely order some blood tests. Unless you’re bonking then though, they won’t find low blood sugar levels. If you feel like it, maybe get a blood sugar monitor and test it when you’re bonking. They’re not that expensive, but you’ll need to prick yourself, and I struggle with that.

Thanks everyone for your input - It doesn’t seem like a normal thing for me so I just thought I would flag it and see if anyone else has had similar things happen. GP appointment ahead.

Now that we’ve sorted that out, I wanna hear more about this:

you’ve never had a traditional Nordic sauna??

I’m not sure if I have had a Nordic sauna - I love the saunas with the stones over the infrared saunas. Probably the best thing is mixing in some eucalyptus oil with the water when splashing it on the stones. Good hit to the sinuses.

I have never had a fire sauna before though. I was looking to have one in Canada as there is a hostel along the Icefields parkway in BC. It was closed when we rocked up though.