bosomworth pursuit 1991

bosomworth pursuit
hand made in new zealand , in 1991
original pink colour
size 56cm
headset campagnolo
front 650 phil wood , deep V
rear 700 phil wood , deep V
crankset campagnolo 48t
mks pedals
nitto stem and nitto riser , champ grip
rolls saddle and miche seatpost

there was an accident with this lady on last monday, nearly lost it. but finally get it back.
happy ending. :slight_smile:

and we have a new kiwi kontender

nice =)

Both bikes are looking good Eric!

It makes me not want to sell mine now haha!

wow nz ftw … you have a thing for pursuits.

i’m not a fan of all the stickers, should remove for a cleaner look. My two cents =)

great ride tho

hey, all i wanna say, is get another perfect size pursuit for yrself, like the one````u r planning to buy,haha

yeah, i tried to keep it clean a couple of month, but im such a sticker fan. a tri spoke , a aerospoke or a deep carbon rim covered by stickers, even a alloy frame … is my dream…^^ maybe im just a rookie ,haha

Wait, there are Kiwis that have shit bikes too right?

It makes me regret to let you take my crazy wishbone frame…

It should make you want to sell your BOS to me instead!

far canal where are all these kiwi’s getting their gear from? nice bikes i love pursuit frames

Don’t judge all of us based on nacnud and wuwu. They are exceptions. They are insane!

you need an ergostem

try to hunt one for u

ergostem + vintage bullhon bar !!

may i have $_$?! haha

Not Cinelli, but… it’s not bad
Mavic Bullhorn handlebars pursuit track pista tt tri | eBay

i have 3ttt vintage bullhorn bar。。。 need a lookstem haha,they might for looks, for riding i prefer riser

Ok, I’ll think about to lend one of my ergostems to you.

sorry guys’’’’。i got hit by car last friday:(