Bottom Brackets

This Double Cross came with a really squeaky GXP. The seller told me that I should regrease it regularly. I notice that the notches getting worn and rounded so I figure it’s been taken out maybe too many times.

So I’m looking for a new one. I also wanted to try shorter 165 cranks, so I’ll be getting them together.

So what should I go for? Shimano Hollowtech? Maybe an FSA sealed unit? Are those $200 SKS worth the money? I’ve done about 15,000 klm on the Fuji which has had a sealed FSA since new, never had the slightest problem with it.

If you want longevity get a shimano un55 or the SKS square taper.

FSA energy and gossamer use the same standard as shimano.

Chris king ext BBs aren’t really worth the money, you can buy a lot of 105 units for the money.

Do you want a triple or a double? What chainring sizes? Q factor sensitive? These are more important than the BB type

It will be double, I just fitted a new pair of Shimano 5750 50/34. I don’t really need the 50 but I was in a hurry at the time and CRC were offering a good deal. I could go lower than the 50 because I never use 50/11. But I don’t do heavily loaded touring and with a 32 cog at the back, 34 is fine at the front. Not sure about Q factor, I am starting to get serious knee soreness again, might be related. I’ll measure the Fuji and the Soma and see if there’s a difference.

So you want to run those new cranks? Just Shimano Hollowtech II then ATMO.

No, the new stuff is the rings. The cranks are old SRAM Rival 172.5. So if I go square taper then I’ll need new cranks anyway, so I figure I may as well go for 165, cos I’m a short arse and it’s a 51 size bike.

Ah righto.

New 105s aren’t ST, but they’re cheap, good quality, and come in 165mm. Maybe Suginos for ST.

If you don’t want to change cranks, i have a bnib gxp bb that i want to sell?