Well for once in my life the diary is actually free. Who is in for this?

The last one was great, going again for sure.

Well I’ve registered. I think it was a scam under the pretence of “does the PayPal work?” by Sam Treadly. Nevertheless, I will be there. Not sure what bike yet.

can’t wait for boucle, was the best last year!
Got no idea what bike to ride either… i’m thinking singlespeed beater

Im in unless it clashes with a road trip to Geelong :wink:
Same question as above, what to ride?
Coaster brake Ricardo with rack & basket maybe.

How many beers will that hold?

Definitely in, might have to retro fit a basket to the 735tr for beers, or some kind of easily backpack will do

i could hook up a keg on the surly

I reckon I’ll use my esky bag on the #cannondalerack.

I’m trying to source(borrow/steal) an old school rear carrier rack like racers had in the 80’s to fit to the raleigh 10 speed for bevvy carrying if any one has one.

Registered and payed. Fitted a front rack to the 10’er, and just waiting for a few bits to have it ready.
Fingers crossed for sunshine.

Registered/paid. New bo gear sindrome fits lots of beers also. Going to be a good day!

Sixer in the front, carton in the back if I put the panniers on it. Maybe more.

Registered and paid too…


I reckon I could fit 12 beers in my sweet Pepsi Max cooler bag on the #cannondalerack, more if they’re tinnies.

So Is anyone dressing or theming their get up for this, or am I the only tragic who is working on a theme?

Costume is doubtful for me.

Track Sabbath.

So looks like 7 people so far for foa?? I’ve got a cooler bag good to go, ready to fit in the sindrome.

Track Sabbath is not a theme Zoltan! That is just you being a hipster.