Bourke St incident

I’m in lockdown in my building at 140 William St.
Hope all the couriers are ok.

Yah seems they’re all ok, couple of them witnessed some of it. Seriously fucked up. Hope all the city FOAer’s are all good.

All good here, glad I decided to stay in for lunch. Think it ended outside our office on Bourke St.

this guy

Not terrorism, duh, but the idiots were already spouting anti-Muslim crap.

Linked to an earlier domestic stabbing in Windsor.

Glad you’re all ok. Glad I chose to work from home today. Looks awful.

came to make sure all FOA crew were accounted for.

hope that continues to be the case!

Pic on of a courier helping one of the injured. Nice one.

The headline you will not see tomorrow:


In hindsight, that cop who was watching him do burnouts in Flinders should have just shot him. I mean, he was acting irrationally in charge of a deadly weapon.

Preach, Brother Bob, PREACH!

*not to take away from the gravity of this horrible day and the dreadful trauma some are enduring.

kinda strange that none of the cop cars that seem to be always parked outside flinders st station, or the ones further north on swanston, weren’t able to intercept this guy as he’s doing burnouts & then continuing up swanston. I mean, he drove past the police HQ on swanston didn’t he?

this isn’t meant to be a criticism of the response, just an observation really. perhaps it just further highlights how erratic & unpredictable his behaviour was. :frowning:

I guess we should be thankful it wasn’t so much worse with fed square etc right there

^ From the video of him outside Flinders St station, there were several unmarked cop cars keeping some distance, probably trying not to trigger what eventually happened anyway.

My wife, young niece and I were there. By some fortunate series of events, we just happened to be inside a building on Bourke st when the guy drove past. Feeling a bit strange at the moment. The line between life and death is so fine sometimes. Anyway, just had to share.

yeah, true. probably all too simplistic to say they should’ve just rammed him USA style.

glad you’re all safe, can imagine it must feel a bit surreal just now.

Four dead. This is terrible.

I assume that there’ll be a lot of soul searching by the cops and a change in how this stuff is dealt with. Multiple opportunities missed to take that car/driver out of commission, but hindsight is 20/20.

Glad to hear all FOA friends and family are okay.

One of my colleagues tragically died from his injuries caused by this atrocity. He’s been at the firm for a long time, like me, so although we weren’t best mates, he was certainly one of the family. He commuted by bike, too, so we occasionally chatted in the bike store about random stuff. He rode a neat little green Tokyo Bike with Brooks accessories, it could well be still hanging up on the rack.

Oh Lyndon. Sorry to hear that.

Hugs Lyndon, that’s terrible news.

Really sorry to hear.
What a shitty way to end the week. We were all in the office on Lonsdale St and heard the helicopters and sirens all afternoon…

Bit early IMO to start claiming the cops shoulda/coulda/woulda done things differently… it all happened pretty fast

Fuck mate.
That’s completely horrible and heartbreaking.
Big love to you and coworkers from Steph & I