There was small talk last night about a boxing day ride as most peeps have a day off,suggestions anyone? mordy? warbry trai? etc. whos in?.

come to sydney, benzy. i’m gonna ride to the shops. we can get ice creams!

Benzy, call me babe… I’ll need to sweat out a hangover on Boxing Day… couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather do it with.

I’m keen to ride.
Name your time and meeting point I’ll be there.

argh fuck, i’d be totally down for this but im working a 10 hour day :frowning:

at least im getting paid double time and a half

Rides now dead to me!

You had me at ‘my cunt hurts just looking at you’. ;-x

What the fuck!,I don’t get it,and I don’t want to, 4.weird 0.Ride cancelled.