bRad Custom Road

I got this bike built for me, finished a couple of months ago but some life shit got in the way and I’m only now getting to ride it properly. Last weekend the black vinyl stickers for the forks arrived so it’s pretty much all done and ready to show off.

It was built by Bradford (ex-Geekhouse, now at Seven) who I’m sure a lot of you know.

I met him the first day I moved to Boston almost four years ago (thanks Antmandan) and always see him around the traps, at shows, parties or bike shops.
Earlier this year I was finishing up a ride out at the bike shop (Ride Studio in Lexington…if anyone comes to New England it’s a great place to start some good rides…awesome folks too) and I bumped into Bradford with a mutual friend (another Australian called San who runs a coffee cart downtown). San had a bRad that he had just bought back from Aus and was getting tuned/built at the shop.

I’d always wanted a road bike built for me by someone local but was generally either priced out (Firefly, Seven, Honey)…or found them not too exciting (Geekhouse, Royal H and others). Randomly I found out that Bradford was doing steel bikes on the side for people and after a little thinking I decided it would be perfect.
Mine is only the 10th bRad, and the first time he has done internal routing for gears, and the fastback stay (most he’s done tend to CX, touring/combo bikes)

. So he had fun doing it and I had fun getting it.

Fork - Enve Road 2.0
Wheels - H Plus Son Arctype to King Hubs
Seat post & Stem - Thomson
Bars - FSA Omega Compact
Headset - Chris King
Group - SRAM Force
Saddle - Flite Ti (yes it’s a little pointy down at the moment)

I went with british racing green & black…thought it would look good. It does.

Very nice.

Fastback stays with that seat tube extension look awesome. Congrats.

What a ripper, silver spokes to black rims… mmmmm yes

can’t go wrong with BRG


would ride

Take it back, it’s faulty. Demand the seat tube extension be cut down so that the word ‘elite’ can be read in full and is unobstructed.

Failing that; ~15mm of spacers under your cleats should do the job.

That’s super sick.

yep, that is good. real good.

Hey this looks like a ripper of a bike! It looks like a whole bunch of fast comfy fun.

yeah what Pete said. I reckon you couldn’t need anything more than that! And that green is sooo nice.

nice one jimmy.

Dig it a lot. Love the fastback seat stays.

effing nice!

nice nice, +1 on seat stays!

Yeah ace build.
The work looks really nicely finished and the all the componenents “work”.
Even has “stance” too.
(how fckn tall are you!?!?)


Not that tall, 6-2 or so.

Cheers for for the nice words. It is exactly fast fun and comfortable. First ever time I’ve ridden carbon forks and they get the front moving really responsively. I like it.
Also the SRAM stuff is dialed in perfectly.

It took a lot of thought to spend the money on he Thomson and CK parts, especially the hubs. But so far it’s all worth it. And it’ll last for ever hopefully.

Super smart build. And yeah, silver spokes, every time.

What’s the tubeset?

Columbus Zona with a true temper ox platinum head tube and paragon machine works dropouts.

(I just asked…I had no idea)

I keep coming back to look at this.

So nice. Makes me want to put my enve forks on my Clamont.