Braidwood century - 4th September

Sounds good!

Meet @ 9am or open to suggestion? 80km sounds really good. Let me know what you want us to bring along.

Also where shall we meet?

So I think I’ve got babysitting minded. 9am sounds good. I’ve got to be home by 2.30ish.
I’ll bring pepperoni and cheese. Keith will strap some loaves to his rack.

We usually park at the corner of Kings Hwy and Wilson St

Cool, 9am at the park near the toilets!

Just bring the usual stuff, tools, tubes etc

Keys for unlocking roof racks…

Ok cool, I’ll message you guys in the next few days if anything else pops up. Hopefully we won’t be too slow for you to finish in time Adz

I’d be keen on this. Singlespeed okay?

Yeah I reckon it’d be fine


Pity I can’t make it, no babysitting for me

Also, for the dirt roads, will Paselas 700x32’s be ok, or should I put the Rock N Roads on?

Sweet, should be a good ride

32s will be fine. I’ll be on 30s.

We’ll start gentle make the next the ride a bit rougher.

Cool beans!

Did LOL - the image of Keith with loaves of bread taped to his chest!

Have fun!

They dont call me bread tits for nothing…

9:20am start tomorrow from the park in Braidwood!