Braidwood century - 4th September

So the Audax club is doing a nice century in and out of Braidwood, Majors Creek and Araluen on 4 September.

Sheila (Amy) is doing it, and I’m tempted to join.
It’s all road, and includes a killer climb out of Araluen. Hopefully the monitor lizards aren’t active yet.

Anyone else keen (Seb, Keith, Fobbler, Liam???)

This could be the start of our spring training

Looking forward to this! A good start to Spring. A friend of mine from Melbourne will also be joining. Would be cool to have a bit of a crew. :slight_smile:

If someone brings a BOB trailer happy to sit in it and beat box/feed u snacks.

Could be a go for me.

What’s the deal, do we have to be part of the Audax club and follow their rules etc?

Entry is $6 for club members, $16 for non-members.
If you’re doing the event, then yes, you have to follow the rules. Given it’s a short day ride, the lighting rules won’t apply, I think.
We could just ‘ride’ not as part of the event, I guess.

You only need lights if you’re setting off before sunrise, which this ride won’t be. That’s essentially the only rules. oh and a very reasonable time limit, which all you guys would do no worries.
I guess you could just do the ride, I like to collect the little brevet cards and get it signed off. The $16 includes your insurance coverage as well.

I would but its socks and tie day

If for some reason I am not doing anything at the house, i will do this.

Yeah lets do it, the route is a little ho-hum, but maybe thats just my local eyes

I’m probably out as Miranda will be away then. Would need to organize Grandma for a fairly long day looking after kids, will see what I can do.

I’ll agree that the route is a little odd with those 3 out and back bits. Keen on the Araluen climb though.

Just make sure you ride in the right direction Seb

It starts and finishes at the same place so he’ll be sweet

… and I won’t be riding. Ice Hockey semi final.

We’ll see if those Compass tires keep their promise, or if they’ll throw dirt in my eyes.

I think you’re right, there’s heaps nicer roads around there, but only if you’re willing to get off the pavement, which some/most of the Audax routes don’t, except their designated ‘Gravel’ routes.

Choice is up to you guys. I could do up a nice ~100km route to suit 30mm tyres?

Yeah but if he’s reading too quickly he could still go the wrong way!

Ok, had a quick chat to Adam today and Keith seeing as you know the area well, kinda warming to the idea of a route you might know, if you were keen to show us around? Doesn’t have to be 100km, just keen to get out and check out some nice scenic roads, eat snacks a long the way, and finish with a beer somewhere I think?

I know Adam had to confirm if he could make it or not, but what do you reackon???

Current plan is a nice ~80km loop, half dirt rd. I’ll load up some bread and tasty snacks and maybe coffee gear?

We can tack on some more km after but this route should be good!
What time do you all want to start?