Braidwood ride Saturday 17th Oct

I’ve gotta look after the farm next weekend. Who wants to join me on a ride from Braidwood up into the mountain range for a ~60km loop.

Maybe 9 or 10am start?

Good medium-rough firetrails, forest, creeks, fun

In in in in in in

Probably in too.

Would love to, but this never ending ice hockey season is still going.

Yo, I’ve invited Fobbler on this one, I reckon he’s in.

Can you drive us out mate?

Tentative yes - will have to find a way to carry the 3 bikes. Two on top, one inside should work.

Scroll down…

^ Thanks, but I’m sorted w/r/t bike carriers.

If needed, I can put bikes in the truck and drive them out friday when I head out

I would love to come, totally study dependent though. If by some miracle I have enough time maybe I’ll just ride out hehe.

Thanks K I reckon we should be fine. Meetup 9 at Braidwood Park/swimming pool?

Looks like I’ll be riding a sexy red bike :smiley:

Ohh looking forward to seeing this! With the cazaderos?

Lets meet 9am at the park

Bring water, snacks and some cash for lunch

Wish I could make this! Going to a wedding on the central coast which is guaranteed to be more fun though. A strong slightly-bogan presence has already been promised.

Unfortunately cazaderos are a couple mm too wide. They clear the fork nicely but clearance is too tight at the stays, riding them wouldn’t be safe. I’ve got a pair of Limus on it now but on the hunt for something wider/good for dry weather. I reckon something 38 would be good.

You could go mtb style and run something fat up front

Good old reverse mullet

Had to google this. I’m from an era where emo was Fugazi.