brains trust/tarpaulin/canvas solutions

Hey FOA team, I have some ideas for a wash bay solution at work, and it’s likely to be in canvas or tarpaulin. I’ve emailed BODave, but I know he’s wicked busy, and I was looking for some leads or experience any one might have had with people who work in this sort of thing/industry. I guess this is some industrial sewing or something? any tips for people in Brisbane that might be worth talking to would be great, thanks

nickj has a new business called Huon Co that may be of some use…?

Evan Terra Rosa Gear might have some advice on material

Marty at Elephants & Robots might also be able to help.

“e_and_r” on instagram.

thanks lads, i’ll sketch out the idea and get in touch

Look up shade cloth/car port/outdoor places. Most of that stuff is super heavy duty, the are usually custom made which means sewing and also use waterproof materials. I am guessing you need/want something pretty heavy duty.

More info would help M80 but I’m guessing you want to make a liner?

it’ll be attached to a wall, have a sub frame that folds down and needs good drainage, potentially with a splitter or something to get chunks and silt out

I’ve got a mate who’s a parachute rigger (sews all sorts of shit for skydiving) his rigging loft is just near crank star. He would be able to sew whatever you need. Give me a buzz if ya want his details

Yeah what Wookie said. I used to get all my canvass banners sewn by Capalaba Canvass… They’ll piss out what you need, they do custom boat covers and all sorts of stuff.

legends thanks

Northern Canvas & Vinyl
Address: 19 Veronica St, Capalaba QLD 4157
Phone: (07) 3823 1770

use these fellas a bit through work for load out bays/weed washdown bay/IBC storage etc etc, pretty sure they make small ones down to about an IBC size.