Brake for Bianchi Pista


I have a Bianchi Pista that i use on the street and am looking to add a brake to the front. I’m running straight bars on it.

Does any one have any reccomendations for a good setup?
I had a quick look on ebay and there seems to be alot of Tektro brand setups.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


Any brake will be fineee.

Tecktro aint bad…i am running them at the moment. My set up is tecktro with shimano600.

im running the stock tektro lever and caliper that comes on the steamroller completes. it works well enough as a bit of an anchor if i get into trouble.

Yeah but is a Tektro going to be chromed enough? :evil:

Vee dub is running a fancy setup compared to what I’ve got.

I’ve got an old shitter Shimano Exage brake with an okay TT style brakelever on my bullhorns. Nothing fancy, but it pulls up quick enough when combines with a bit of back pedalling. (and with a bit of weight distribution + brake = wicked ficed wheel spinning endo at the lights :mrgreen:)

Basically, just get something that works for now and the worry about gettin something fancy that works later on once you’ve decided what sort of style you want.

ps my style is old shitter so it don’t get theived

Wise words Garth, wise.