Brake for tight! clearance

Hi all,

I need to run a brake - have a track frame with drilled track fork but the clearance is very tight… The Diacompes I have don’t fit.

Does anyone have any ideas which brake might fit? I’ve heard about Diacompe GC Aeros (rare as f…) and modolo’s…

There is about 35mm between center of break-hole and the center of braking surface.

Any ideas?

Put a 650c wheel on?

No really, i have no idea.

when i was running a 32c tyre on my front, the only brake i could get to fit was a single side pull modolo i think but can check, that gradually wore a furrow into the tyre around the bolt when the fork flexed. might want to try a 20c tyre for more clearance, and look for the slenderest cheap caliper you can find.
if i find the one i had in the shed, i’ll post a picture tomorrow, i think it would work…

this will vary for different calipers but…

consider taking apart a caliper and getting in touch with someone who can machine down the tolerance above the tyre/underneath of caliper arms to create more tyre clearance


Machine the area where the axle of the brake pad sits to allow you to run it higher up that face of the caliper to meet the braking surface of the rim.

(if you cant do it yourself)

If you follow this path make sure it doesnt weaken the structural integrity of the caliper, catastrophic fail will lead to the caliper breaking away from the fork mount and you most likely binning it

or buy new bike.

Think I am going to go for an ugly clamp-on. Pity the fork has been drilled.

It seems like the cheapest option and the mosty likely to fit.

Has anyone had any experience using a clamp-on brake with very tight clearance?

My bike has a very tight fork to tire clearence and I sometimes run a clamp-on brake for longer rides when my legs don’t feel like stopping. Not the best looking option but it works a treat.