Brake lever.

Can someone recommend an inexpesnive brake lever that can be taken on and off easily without removing grips?

I prefer silver but won’t object to black, and something that’ll look clean is a bonus.

And I’ll be using it on drops and risers, both with 25.4mm centre diameter.


If you’re in melb abbotsfrod cycles has no-name silver clamp-on levers for about 8 bucks, and a range upwards from there. the 8 buck ones look and feel like an 8 buck lever.

you can also get a Diatech Dirt Harry which clamps on the bar- think they’re around 30-40ish?? there were a couple at Abbotsford last time I went in, feels much nicer than the cheap ones. Comes in a couple of colours too

The Diatech levers work a treat, and you can always strip the annodising off it if you want silver. I’d say to try a LBS first but if you get stuck have them.