Brake levers to fit nitto track bars.

Criticise me if you will, but I want to run two, finger style, brake levers on my Nitto B125AA track bars. I bought some Tektro RL276’s off Velogear and the clamp on them is a bit too big for the bars, which have a 25.4 clamp size but the actual bar is a wee bit thinner.

The Tektro’s don’t even come close to gripping, does anybody know of any brakes that are likely to fit? Or if not what is the best way to make a shim for these ones?

It’s actaully not a bad setup with 2 pauls e-levers…

You’ll need 23.8mm clamp diameter (assuming they are the same as B123AA).

These might be for sale if what I’m planning for them doesn’t work out.

bit of electric tape?

Coke can…

Just don’t cut yourself (it’s really easy to do), unless thats your thing.

Those cross-style levers made by soma and others might fit - i had some on the skinny part of some nitto bars, a different model though.

Otherwise there’s the Diatech ones - Dirt Harry or Goldfinger, they come with shims for a range between 25.4 and 22.2. I think.

bit of old tube under the clamp works a treat, as does that little bit of leftover rim tape that you’ve got lying around.

Exactly what i’ve used, i wanted something that would grip so the lever didn’t move around

if you go for the diatech levers, i’m pretty sure it’s only the silver ones that come with the shims, all the other colours are to suit bmx bars (22.2mm??)

Thanks for your help everyone, I’ve ended up ordering a pair of smaller Tektro’s, the RL720 has a smaller clamp than the 726’s and are slightly smaller as well, they should look good. I might try making a shim anyway just to know I can.