brake levers

Looking for some MTB/BMX style cable brake levers to suit Nitto B259aa bars.

Web suggests the bar diameter is 23.8mm, but I can’t find any levers to suit.

i got some of these which fit around my nitto rizorz…

In my web browsing I just noticed that the B259aa has been recalled by nitto.

So, apparantely, anyone rocking these bars should head to your local nitto stockist, return your bars and get a new set of Nitto B260aa for free.

Recall notice from Nitto.

Errr… Those are 22mm clamp diameter, which is not the size i am looking for.

Things like Dia Compe Gold Finger & Dirt Harry levers come with a 2-piece shim that should fit 22 (mine did).

Yep. The black and silver Dirt Harrys are 23.8 with a shim for 22.2, whereas the coloured versions just come in 22.2.

I’ve had the same question before, and the Dirt Harry was the best option I could find.

Paul also make 23.8 levers though, if you’re feeling indulgent.