Brake something or...

…break something?

(nicked from RBR)

worst idea, so impractical :?

I have my brake on my bars for a reason… what douches.

why run a break if it’s there? i bet they don’t even do that… twats :?

This one’s really unsafe

they haven’t engaged the QR on the caliper :\

i don’t get the top tube break, you’d be better off with no break, than to be breaking with only one hand on the handlebars

I think the one on the Trek is a park brake… don’t you just hate it when you lean your bike against a wall only to have it fall over cause the front wheel moves…
Problem solved. :roll:

seriously people: brake/break. there’s a difference. the OP got it right, it’s not bloody rocket surgery.

yes, it was a play on words about what might happen if you used either of those setups while in motion.

Although I (now) get the park brake idea on the trek.

yeh, i think it confused those unaware of homophones. i hope this thread doesn’t get locked for being homophonic…

Homophonia will not be tolerated!