got done on swanston for riding breakless, cop who pulled me over claims he has ridden track bikes both in the drome and on the “street” i asked “street?” he quickly corrected himself saying he rode roadies on the street, the conversation went on, got heated, he then proceeded to say that if i want to take it up go ahead, quote “id love to get all you fixies riders who hit pedestrians on beach road into the magestrates court, id get you all of the street”…cant exactly remember his name, seems there onto the fixed gear community.

Was it Magda?

well, brakeless riders who hit pedestrians on beach road should get off the street, i agree with that. :slight_smile:

cant remember man, i agree, however i dont think the majority should pay the price for the minoritys deeds, ya feel me?

Cops might be dicks but in this case he has the law on his side. Fucking deal with it or get a brake. Or you know, get a law degree and work for the law reform commission or something.

you’re not gonna win arguing with the pigs.


You know you’re gonna a get done, so get a brake. Arguing with the guy is just digging the hole deeper for everybody else. Hell, I’d tazer any hipster that argued with me.

I certainly don’t agree with getting done for something like not having a bell. But that is because the policy behind the regulation is utterly ridiculous. But I can see the justifiable policy reason behind regulating brakeless riding.

It really is a lot like riding without a helmet. Sometimes you just have to take a hit for the good of the community.

riding brakeless is like riding with no helmet, dont do it if your not prepared to pay the fine if the five- o come after you.
Getting attitude from the law sucks though.


and this cunt knows about pigs.

move to sydney. cops here dont give a flying fuck.

Is there a new section where you have to post the word cunt 25 times to get access?

wonder if it’s a doyle inspired crack down. he’s getting all domenic carcetti about fixed gear riders

and it could be worse. this was in perth at the start of the year. these people are getting tickets forjaywalking

you should of done keo spins on r.doyles new car-less swanston street

you used to be cool.

china still cool

you pay later! later!

I just want in that’s all. Is there mad bargains or spiritual enlightenment involved?

So much cheap Shimano 600 and Mavic shit Marty. Pretty much giving it away, not to mention 63cm Tarck frames with fluro paintjobs :evil: