Brands that are trying to do the right thing

Recently picked up stuff from a couple of brands that have really impressed me with their enviro and social policies.

First was my new shorts from cactus climbing. Their website says it all. And the shorts are on the next level of tough kit.

Second was some snow shoes from crescent moon. Doing it right in the US, it seems.

Both power their whole operations through renewable energy and both seem to offer fair wages.

Maybe we can start a list?

Ground Effect
BO Gear

Well, that was an interesting thread.

Good Cycles bicycle repairs maintenance mechanics. Melbourne’s mobile bike shop.

Any brand manufacturing in the US like Chris King, Thomson, Search & State…
…its luckily an endless list, more interesting would be who makes stuff responsibly thats easier to afford.

Pants to Poverty for undies and all that
Toms shoes

For Melbourne folk I can’t recommend Vegan Wears on Smith st highly enough. Shoes are very well built and they do great service–they’ve replaced the soles on my office shoes twice for free, even though they’re five years old and get worn five days a week).

Does anyone know an ethical sportswear company? I hate buying Nike, Adidas etc. Supposedly Puma are ok? Any others?

I don’t know about manufacturing in the USA as doing the right thing,
They have some seriously low wages.

Yeah Cactus are good, their proper packs are awesome, do customised straps/loops for free and fit the bag to your torso length. And I think free lifetime repairs.

They make all the kit for search and rescue etc in NZ and the shoulder packs for Posties who have foot runs in Wellington (too hilly/steppy for bikes)

Good topic, it’d be good to include brands that do right by their customers as well.
I’ll risk eternal damnation and put Rapha on the list.


Cactus gear is fucking awesome! I bought one when I worked on a mountain in NZ. It was my daily work backpack then and 10years later it’s still going strong as my daily commuter. No wonder they offer lifetime repairs, the things are unbreakable!

A had a pair of cactus 12oz canvas workpants that were so tough that they could literally stand up by themselves! They were something else. They lasted for like 5 years in the workshop, never had anything quite like em since.

I would add Hunter Cycles to the list - I dig his vibe (Rick has a great Instagram too @condorcazador). And Revelate Designs, Swift Industries, Soulcraft, Chromag, Paul, WI, Chris King… to name but a few. Heaps of great stuff coming out of the American Northwest.

And this video of Guy Martin visiting Orange Bikes in the UK is great too (…Guy Martin, what a rad dude!):


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