Break In At The Avanti Superstore Rockingham

Just heard from Mike Hosken that the Avanti Superstore in Rockingham was broken into last night and a lot of gear including high end MTBs were stolen. I know what you’re thinking - Rockingham who would have thought?

The owner and the boys that work there have just opened the store and are keen fixed riders. They have been putting in massive hours to get the store ready and been working their butts off. Pretty sad to see the joint trashed.

So if you hear anything let the Police know or give them a ring down there at the shop or alternatively message me here or Rexy who is one of the members on this site who works there.


i guess the usual, keep your eyes peeled on gumtree/ebay, and let the local cash converters/pawn shops know

Just heard about this as well. Mike works there, great dude - runs some fantastic fixed gear pub crawls. If some people could keep an eye on the for sale section of MTB forums as well that would be great. I have nfi where to look.