Breaking down Suntour Superbe/Superbe Pro Bottom Brackets

I’ve managed to get a hold of a few Suntour Bottom brackets and thought others might be interested in them and the various ones. These are all english thread but the application extends to italian thread as well.

Suntour Superbe Pro Track BB:
109mm, polished races, high grade ball bearings, spindle is marked L and R, o-ring seals on the inner lip to seal off the spindle and bearings from dirt and grease guard

Suntour Superbe Track BB:

Suntour Superbe Road BB:


For other pics you can view the set here

I haven’t had time to figure out the actual angle of the taper so that there’s a definitive answer to that question but in fitting my superbe pro cranks to both ISO and JIS, each were fine but the engagement wasn’t 100% and you could wiggle the cranks on the spindle a bit prior to tightening the bolts. However when I slipped the superbe pro cranks onto the superbe tapered spindles they fit like a glove with no wiggle at all.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use ISO with Superbe, it’s just better when you use superbe with superbe. For all those who are out there looking for BB’s there’s a few on ebay at the moment so I’d recommend getting them if you have Superbe cranks.

Regarding using a 113mm spindle for track frames, you can flip it an use the short side and things might work (I didn’t try this) or if your chain line is out that much then the road spindle is for you. Hope this helps those who aren’t sure what goes with what, and to clear up any misnomers from ebay sellers stating the wrong spindles.

The plastic boot is used on road BBs, no real need for it on track.

You don’t have the SunTour chromed crank bolts or dustcaps? I may have a spare pair of Superbe era crank bolts, they’re all yours if I can find them.

More info, more tapers:

Suntour Superbe Pro Bottom Bracket schematic / specifications by ah_blake, on Flickr

Suntour Superbe Pro crankset schematic / specifications by ah_blake, on Flickr

Suntour Superbe Catalogue pages by ah_blake, on Flickr

i’ve got dust caps and bolts but didn’t take photos of them that’s all, and keep forgetting to put them back on my bikes. Thanks for the offer though.