Bridges of Brisbane 5

Hey crew, look what’s back.

Thanks to Dougie for the artwork.

Tour de Keg will kick off straight after the ride is done. We’ve got a heap of great beer, a good charity lined up and any donations on the night would be most appreciated. Plus the tour showing on the IGA wall.

man, would love to get up for another one of these. but alas, it won’t be this year :confused:

Why not Rolly? Working or lack of $?

bit of column A, bit of column B.

mainly timing though. if it was a coupla weeks later I miiiiiight’ve been able to swing it.

ah well.

to anyone thinking of heading to Brisbane for it, I can recommend it.

hey red, where’s the rainbow jersey


Not in - bumming it in Milan on route to tdf.

do my eyes deceive me?

is that you spEd?

on a side note, just FYI, this saturday the Mr Fit’s Ice cream is opening just around the corner from dan’s place, where the old subway used to be… so you know… ice cream sandwiches ahoy!

Dang it… i’m out feck

I’ve been reminding Nicole that this is on a couple of times in the past month, fortnight, week & even last night.

I will be there.

Yes! I’ve been watching it go up. I am going to get so fat in the coming years thanks to this joint.

As double yes to seeing you again Ed! It’s been way too long mate.

actually have one at home, not sure it still fits me/if i should expose the public to me wearing that…

FYI etc