Brifter Compatibility - Sora 3x 9sp

I got a new bike and it has new Sora 9sp with triple front.

I don’t like the brifters, they’re chunky and ugly.

Anyone know what might compatible to change it with?

Not critical to change it; it works totally fine how it is; mainly an aesthetic thing.

Campag 11 speed, though you’d probably need a campag triple front mech and a triple shifter to work well which is expensive. I’d double-ify it (46-30 maybe) and use Athena 11speed, and you’ll maybe need a new basic (veloce) front mech.

This is what al9000, Erle, iamsimon?, me and some others I know run with variations its good.

Otherwise you’ll need shimano 9 speed, which I think is all about sora level for looks any way.

Or wait till the chain and cassette are done and upgrade then and your shifters to shimano 10 speed.

Simon mentioned Athena to me when I was looking at XT stuff; wasn’t sure if it was the same for Sora;

The look/brake cable routing is what bothers me the most…particularly the brake cables. they’re so dumb looking.

Probably going to be cost prohibitive for the time being; might keep an eye out for stuff at swap meets to see if I can get a bargain or two.

Yeah Campy 11sp shifters will be the best. I’m actually running mine with an xt front mech and it’s pretty good. Was a little fiddly to dial in but has held up ok. Reckon I might try a cheap campy mech to see the difference sometime but if you’re tight on cash grab the ergo shifters now Jimmy and you should be fine with your current front mech for the time being.
Got mine off wiggle for a decent price just make sure you grab the triple version

we got a huge swap meet on friday so i’m gonna try score something there if i can.

thanks dudes.

They look dorky, but the brake routing means less friction!

bros, those are gear cables. and yes, ext cable shimano was lighter shifting than the first hidden cable.

C11 -> S9 is your best bet and sweetest ergonomics.

Alt: Get shimano Claris 3x8 levers and change your cassette. Still not the shape you want but a little nicer.

Otherwise try to score some DA/Ult/105 9sp shakes at the swap, but beware, the used prices on these are crazy, more than wiggle-C11 in a lot of cases.

Yep exactly why I went for campy 11s, also cos way nicer feel.

^^ha. cables be cables. i ain’t no mechanic.

i figure there’s a better chance someone there will have DA/Ult/105 9sp at the swap…i assume that i’d buy the wrong thing somehow regardless. but will see what happens.
maybe i’ll get a couple of bottle cages…can’t fuck that up.