Brifters / old group sets

If you have a bike that has down tube shifters can you install a set of brifters instead or would you need to swap out the front and back derailleurs too (at least?).

This might be a pretty open ended question, I’m not sure.

Be specific- what groupset do you have?

I don’t, just been thinking of buying an older road bike and wondered if this was something you could do or whether it meant a groupset swap.

If you wanna go to 8/9/10 from 6/7 you’ll probably be up for RD, FD, cranks, and a rear wheel.

I’m still running my old nervar cranks and hurret fd to my 105 brifters and 9 speed shit

Brifters started with 8spd groups. It’s mainly about having a cassette which is spaced correctly for the pull of the shifter. I guess potentially you could lock out the last shift by setting the derailleur limits to use an 8spd brifter on a 7spd cassette or something similar.

I stand corrected.