Brifters to hydraulic disk brakes?

This may be a stupid question, but can I fit 105 brifters on hydraulic disks brakes.

I am about to try and build up the ultimate commuter. I picked up an avanti blade elite for cheap, which has a mixture of 105/tiagra, a flat bar and shimano hydraulics (don’t know which ones).

My plan is to update the forks to carbon, upgrade the tiagra FD to a 105 and probably the cranks too. Then add drops and brifters if it’s possible. Then of course the easy commuter essentials of mudguards, carry rack, touring pedals and smug.

Advice please

Short version: no.

Long version: someone will have a kludge.

TRP Parabox
2016 shimano 105 hydraulic

Just use mechanical discs

just add these to your current setup.

that thing ^^ has it all…
erecto stem
stax&stax of spacers
flat bar w/ clip on drops
1xY setup

^— I feel nauseous.


No idea how well it works.

Or bb7road

The TRP system seems perfect but costs as much as the bike did. Might have to stick with the flat bar for a while, or maybe try and find some cheap mechanical disks or a whole lot of spacers.