Bringing my bike down from Canberra to Melbourne.

Searched this and found max powers old thread re: putting a dismantled bicycle on vline coach services but I wanted a more recent update.

I’m hoping to bring my 29er down on the vline Canberra to Melbourne via albury coach and rail service. The website says no bikes (even with wheels removed etc). I’ve got a BOgear Royd I can throw it in but can’t afford (travelling with friends) to not be let onto the service.

Does anyone have any recent experiences in this situation? I guess my success is dependent on how full the service is but this sounds too risky for me.

I don’t see how a “boxed” bike wouldn’t be allowed on there. It’s just another piece of luggage, just bigger.

I saw a guy take a lawn mower on the bus in gippsland
I have no idea how this is relevant to your situation, just thought i’d mention it.

I’ve taken a bike on a coach in WA in a GE Tardis. That was fine. I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine bagged up.

Having said that, we once got four intact bikes on a VLine coach to Wangaratta when they cancelled the train right before it was about to leave (as in, we were on it). I reckon these were pretty rare circumstanced though. The train from Albury should have a luggage coach, so should be with a complete bike.

you can go through greyhound but its 95. I imagine if its boxed up normally or in a bag even you should be fine.

if you split the wheels up among your friends, put the frame in a big bag, it won’t look much like a bike anyway, i’d be pretty confident of getting it on