BRIS: Gefsco bargain

Got you covered for wheels too if you need to borrow some to Che. Kit says you destroyed one in the crash.

Miles was the 2nd owner, picked it up when he was in Rocky from the Tucker brothers, thinks they were selling it for someone else at the club. He’s had it for 20 years, previous owner only had it for 4 or 5. He’s never crashed it, but it does have a couple of paint nicks on the lhs seatstay, probably leaned against something IMO.

56cm square ctc, panto seatstay, green and gold metallic paintjob, post '84 World champs sticker, no serial number on BB.
Stronglight Speidel Headset, Superbe Bottom bracket
Superbe cranks 172.5mm and Superbe 50T ring
3ttt 130mm stem, 3ttt Competizone 42cm ctc
Specialized Revolution saddle and no-name ally post (for extra height that original didn’t give him apparently)
Malliard hubs, Fiamme rims, Vittoria Competition Nuovo Pro 19mm tubs (perished)

Spares: Original Comfort Pro saddle, Shimano aero post, Superbe NJS 51T ring, SR Royal 48T ring, Suntour NJS 16T cog, chain & link.

^ so much awesome.

words cant express my gratitude to awesome peeps offering to spot me moolah/parts/picking up and sending bikes to me.

If jear is reading this and wants in on this, its only fair we have joint custody of this bike.

Was just going to help myself to your wheels from the brunswick cage shoppe, but permission is nice too, thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fucking lol. Long live self serve cage shoppe.

this thread rules

If only I could do whip skids I’d be taking this to tonight’s #foamafia get together at antmans and follow up feed at the Shafston.

Nicole saw it and said, “you sure you don’t want to keep it? It looks like it’d fit you” lel.

Can’t wait to get it out of the house :wink:

Deserving score. Good work on the collect Geoff!

IMHO, cut those wheels apart, pick the best rim and use it to rebuild your wheel (same count, same rim!!), can reuse the hoshi spokes unless any have gouges in them. Might need new nips.(I have some coloured ones…) then polish up the hubs and on sell with the cranks, bars, etc.

this is fucking badass.

Geoff never put serials on his bike cause taxman, but the panto’s say it all.

Brilliant. Can’t wait to get another one of Geoff’s frames.

cant believe i missed this yesterday, so much awesome in this thread. easily the reason why i stay here.

bike + people.

It’s a great story eh…