BRIS: Gefsco bargain

Do it.

is very nice!

looks bigger than a 51 though…


Any out of towners need it picked up let me know. Can’t get it myself I’m on a s-1 campaign.

messaged. probably too late though haha.

Probs better doing a direct call, she’s only listed her home number.

looks more like a 61…

I was thinking 57cm

And if it is I’ll be gutted.

^ Go on Geoff, how often do Gefsco’s come up for that price in your size?

Inspector Chimp busted his Ken at the track yesterday. I think he should have dibs.

you should call geoff, and if it fits you really well, just keep it. otherwise ill take it. im too sick in the throat/pain everywhere/depressed/poor to call haha.

Che, if that bike is your size I’ll spot you the cash to buy it.

I would also do that.

just got a msg back, still available. anyone with geoffs t’s number pm me lol

^blakey, biggest mad dog. pls dont leave melb!

It’s a 56cm, spoke with IC and the seller just jumping in the car to get it for him.

There are some excellent people on this forum.

^ dog damn FOA is good value


This rules. So what happened to IC’s Ken?