Brisbane Beerquest III (12th January 2014)

The third brewery ride is coming…

Kicking off in the late morning here at the East Brisbane Brew House (my place), we’ll take a leisurely route around Brisbane and hit some of Brisbane’s own breweries and craft beer pubs to enjoy (in moderation) some of what the SEQ beer scene has to offer. Possible venues will include: Brewhouse Brisbane, The Scratch, Archive, Green Beacon, Newstead Brewing, and Tippler’s Tap, but all will be revealed at a later date.

This will be more of a crawl than a sprint and will include a good lunch stop. We’ll be taking it easy and trying to limit time at each venue to keep things moving. Get that project bike finished and bring it out for the day.



so this means you won’t be attending? seing as how you’re invited, and you don’t attend things you’re invited to


I was planning to be tapering for a big team event in November next year, but could be tempted.

this is such a great idea. Super keen

Superman legs, you can always taper next year

I’m keen, but will have to get into some kind of beer drinking form…
I’ll be sure to train appropriately and taper adequately…

Any planned Routes Dan?

So it seems that Jamie boy (midnightbarber) has put up a bike pub crawl for Saturday the 11th. I’m going to suggest that I postpone this one until a later date as we’ll be going to most of the establishments I’ve listed plus some other ones on the 11th. Jamie has made a facebook event called the Dirty Dozen Pub Crawl. check it out or PM me for details if you need them.