Brisbane Cycle Courier Emergency Fund

Our dear friend and colleague Ollie was hit by a truck today (friday) on Coronation Drive. He is OK, out of hospital, with a broken rib and injured knee.
His bike however is trashed.
Brisbane Couriers are donating and collecting funds to get him back on two wheels.
If you would like to contribute or make a small donation to this fund, just see any of the Brisbane couriers around town or catch us at Polo.
Dont worry if you are too poor, we understand, send him some loving instead.
We already have many generous offers for parts, discounts as well as cash.
Mend well Ollie.
Simon8 on behalf of the Brisbane Cycle Courier Collective

I’ve got a new EAI 17t Gold Medal cog I’d be happy to donate if he runs that ratio!

Hope he heals up soon.

Oliver is welcome to any parts I have he might need for a build.

not a good start to the weekend. hope he,s back on the bike soon, damn trucks

Simon I have heaps of parts and will donate $ to help him on his way.

I’ve got a Sugino Mighty (although damaged but still will work for years to come) crank set that he could have. It’s worth about $100 on the e bay.

I would like to add though that I have rarely seen Ollie riding on two wheels. He’s normally just on the one!

ps I loved that fuggin bike!!

forget it, too much drama Az