Brisbane Fixed Gear Criteriums

Most people would of heard by now I would think in Brisbane, but I’ll throw it up here also. There is a fixed criterium ‘exhibition’ on this weekend as part of the Brisbane Blast criterium. Was very late to get organised but its happening. I think plenty of good things will come out of this, with more in the works for more in 2016.

You racing Gyp!?

I am exhibiting

Gotcha :wink:

Strange that no one from the organising committee tried to promote the event here? any other FOA crew “exhibiting” their skillz? I gotta move house, super bummed I’ll miss it

I’ll be in Melbourne. Looking forward to how it pans out.

I find the info about staggered starts according to grade and labelling of “exhibition” positive and had it been available from the start (as in there was some form of a plan not the “fly by the seat of your pants” method) I think this whole thing would have been received much better. Obviously there is history between our “rival gangs” :wink: for whatever reasons and that helped fuel the fire. Scotty, I agree with every one of the many loaded/ sarcastic/ fucking funny comments you have made along the way BUT now that GEAR is onboard I find myself sympathetic to the cause. I don’t recon they’ll get the numbers, I am a maybe on the grounds of this being a catalyst for someone else (Eric?/GEAR?) to take this and run with it, properly, in the future. Shit, I’ll even do art for entry fees.

Positive note: If this doesn’t go ahead, everyone would have forgotten about it in a month, which gives someone the best part of a year to put something together and have a legit baller “exhibition/simulated race/whatever” next year with the right people that would leave a solid impression.

#gelsuckingprogimp out.

just trying to as passive aggressive as possible, looks like going ahead, stu made the greatest comment though, in that $49 is most of the way to a CQ license

oh hell yeah, was a crack up

very quiet on the south front

seems they might have struggled with numbers, bummer

also not enough people registered

did they reply to my question about it?? I’m at work and no FB…

so wait is it all over?

Best idea worst idea ever.
You need to earn the privlidge to race, may be attend some skills sessions may be try track to throw a heap of fixie kids in a crit is just crazy people will crash and it won’t look good for those who plan on ever trying to do it in the future I would think.
Why not have a track bike drills session as a exhibition ? Last I saw BCF kids were crashing in car parks racing is a whole new game.

rego period extended, Dayne I saw Matt Lamestain do one night at chandler in C grade he’s a total pro now

Oh to have an understanding of the inner workings of what you lot are actually talking about.

I should rock up next Tuesday night with a couple of beers and get edumacated.

It’s not like you’ll be able to see the people I’m slagging off so profusely

If you do want to see them you will need to be riding backwards in circles or crushing big fixed k’s in the hills or chasing airport loop KOM’s