Brisbane Gravel Rides

Similar to the melb thread, post up your dirt routes and pictures!

Yesterday I rode from Bunyaville to Gap Creek on mostly gravel, was a short 27km or so with a number of nice dirt climbs and fast descents, minimal single track and mostly hard-packed fire trail and maintenance roads (bike/horse/person legal).

I rode my geared cross-check with BG rock 'n roads (measures 43mm on OPs) and was plenty confident on the dirt descents while still being fast-rolling on the paved sections.

Started from the Jinker Track / Collins Rd intersection, headed down Bunya Rd and made a left into Linkwood through the 'burbs, followed until the end and popped into Ironbark Gully trailhead. Made a right and followed Geiger up to IBG (could also take ballbuster, being more singletrack than whoop filled), made a right and followed the track adjacent from Samford Rd up to the Camp Mountain Rd turn off, went across Samford Rd and through the gate into Mango Tree and headed south towards Lanita Rd rail trail, this is mostly downhill with a short climb up to Lochinvar Rd (where there’s a few private property signs at the top, I think this is for the aligning areas rather than the easement?).

Fog over Samford

A detour is to turn right at the the Rail Trail intersection and then a left at the exit onto South McClean Rd, there’s 150m of steep paved climbing before you reach Sutton Court, though.

A right along Sutton Court for 1km or so, mostly undulating tarmac until you see a set of gates to Link Rd on the left, head through and down for 800m of nice gravel switchbacks followed by some gentle climbing, terrain is starting to get rainforesty as you head towards Bellbird Grove.

Top of Link Rd

Link Rd comes to a T intersection with Camp Mountain track which is bloody steep and a good 300m of vertical to the lookout, there’s a water tank with a trough 50m or so from the split to the right, drink at own risk.

Brooks ‘Pleasure Tilt’ saddle angle

Hang a left here and follow Link Rd up, it curves and starts to descend rapidly, this is a solid maintenance track for the HV transmissions lines, some loose rocks but pick your line and liberal braking will see you to the bottom safely. There’s several offshoots to various single track and water towers but stick to the well worn path and it’s all pretty obvious.

HV lines and an idea of the track condition

After another 1km or so you’ll pop out at Bellbird Grove picnic area, dunnies here if nature calls, though no potable water. There’s tables and a BBQ, nice spot for a rest. The climb out of Bellbird to Mt Nebo Rd is fairly steep, paved, though steep.

Follow this up and make a right onto Mt Nebo Rd, climb for 800m or so until you reach the Centre Rd gates on the left, can’t miss em.

The Centre Rd descent is fast and smooth, switchbacks galore, very enjoyable, 2km or so. Once you reach the Enoggera Creek crossing, the climb begins for 130m and a couple km or so, gravel is nice and compacted, seated and spun all the way up, a few false flats but not too difficult, didn’t get a read on the grade but sub 10%.

Enoggera Creek crossing

Centre Rd climb

Centre Rd ends and South Boundary Rd begins, hang a left at the fork for gentle undulations, a bit rougher than Centre but I imagine 35s would be fine, I’ve ridden it on 28s without too much drama.

Ran into a nice chap here jogging asking about my CX bike.

The section to Gap Ck is about 4km, more down than up but very easy going, some loose down sections but nothing too bad. I split here into Gap Creek but you could keep going to the Highwood Rd entrance near the round-about at the top of Gap Creek Rd and ride the tarmac out to Moggil, or head up to Payne Rd around Enoggera Reservoir if you want to head back via Waterworks.

I followed the Goanna Trail through Gap Ck then the trail adjacent from Honeyeater up Coot-tha which was stupid steep hike-a-bike for 200 vertical meters. Descended Coot-tha into Toowong then an uneventful return to Chermside via Kedron Brook.

All in all, some really nice dirt climbs & good views without being an epic long ride.

Next weekend I’m planning to follow South Boundary Rd from Gap Creek to Mt Nebo cafe then sus out the entrance to Dundas Rd, some more recon and I think I’d do Gap Creek -> Nebo -> Fernvale then rail trail to Ipswich train finish.

Round trip was 60km and 1400m elevation. I can post a GPX if someone wants the route.

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Rad stuff, El brado will be creaming his jeans over this

Yeah. GPX me.

Me too. Or drop a link on here.

Would like to reverse your ride as I have a mate who lives at Ferny Grove and going over the top out the back of Gap Creek would be a cool way of getting to him.

nice… Bradley this might be a option for the day before Pushies Galore

Another here who would like to see a garmin plot.
Looks great.

GPX is here

Geoff - Lanita Rd Rail Trail will take you straight to Ferny Grove station!

Awesome, thanks Zach!

We could definitely do a Gravel Galore ride on the Saturday. Might be easiest to try and link up with train stations at either end.

No dramas, could easily start at Ferny Grove station then finish at Indro or something.

Plenty of spots to lengthen it, Samford Pony Trails etc.

I think the Goat Track opens in a few weeks as well.

I’m keen to do it again.

That dose it… I’m building a CX rig.

Can we talk GT? or is it being discussed elsewhere? The Goat Track is undergoing major reno and is to be bitumened soon. Time for a last blast up the GT on the loosey stuff? slip in between when they move the big rigs and start the de-characterisation of the joint. Goat Track | Mount Nebo Residents Association

woah nice one this looks rad

I vote an Up and a Down ‘timed event’

ill try and chuck 32’s on the tarck bike!!

dude track bikes are done its all about motorbikes now


sell everrryyy thang to fix broken engines


surely not, ive seen heaps of sweet fixie bikes around. im hoping to one day be able to build a nice one myself…

that bike moderated the fuck out of me

was going to post it in the “post things only arseholes do” thread, CBF though. maybe need a post things only BCF do?

Yeah I’ve been keeping an eye on that page, planning a strap up on teh roadie once it opens. Bitumen is news to me, seems a waste hey.

Man that JRI stem length looks negative.