Brisbane ride - April 1st

QUT end of Goodwill Bridge; 0700 - note later start time - to wherever.

7am…sounds great to me, count me in.

When are we doing the Gold Coast ride, and catching a train back?

I highly recommend that be a train to the coast and then ride back - the wind usually makes riding south not much fun. Plus you get to finish at ‘home’.

How about after the 11th… I’m keen to ride it fixed. We could meet at the Nerang or Helensvale station, finish in the Brisbane CBD. The ride is about 90k or 3 and a bit hours. Some undulating parts, some minor hills.

Here’s another possibility -

I think easter Friday will be a full moon - how about a midnight trek from the coast back to Brisbane under the moonlight?

The date may excude some, but it might be worth a try - any takers?

Easter Friday, the 14th of April…done, that sound jsut stupid enough to do. I have lights under control, but will have to get better rear flashing things…Should I get a train down to Gold Coast?

Ace! Yep the train is good, I just made a new topic for it:

I have a stupid bright rear, but only a little blinky front, should really invest in something better, don’t think I’ll have time to homebrew a Luxeon setup before the 14th.

I do have lots of reflective tape though, reckon I’ll do my rims/frame/helmet/shoes…

Regarding winds and riding directions, we should probably leave that until the day, as it could change. Just looking at a forecast, it ranges between E/SE/NE/W/NNW/WSW/SE…

I have front light undercontrol…as need to test it before I head out solo at the 24 hour race a week later (on my riding 29er singlespeed).

Out to Nudgee Beach - - and hanging around afterwards -