Brisbane ride - Sat May 20th

The Ride Of Silence - refer - - is on this Saturday.

For us particularly fitting with ndf recovering from a major incident with a motorist.

The site has contradictory messages on the use of armbands in different rides - our proposal is for riders to wear a red armband in recognition of Nath’s situation.

Meet at the usual - QUT side of Goodwill Bridge at 0945. Armband materials will be provided, along with a spoke card, see below.

Rogaine, I will be there for sure. The spoke card looks great…

More info:

Details are:

When: Saturday May20th
Time: 10.00am Departure
Where: Brisbane Botannical Gardens (Edward St End - Near the Gates)
Distance: 8km
Route: Botannical Gardens —> Left onto Alice St → Right onto George St → Right onto Turbot St → Follow Turbot St until meets Wickham St → Follow Wickham St through the Valley → U-Turn @ Montpellier Rd (there are special U-Turn lights at this intersection) → Back up through the valley via Ann St → Left onto Queen St → Left Eagle St → Left Edward St → Right Alice St–> Parliament House

Comments: Event is open to all cyclists. Bicycle must be roadworthy & all
cyclists must be wearing a helmet otherwise you will not be able to participate.

Children under 16 years of age will need to be accompanied by an adult & the adult will be responsible for the childs safety & wellbeing at all times on the ride. Cyclists will be riding in a two abreast formation throughout the ride. All cyclists to follow the instruction of the ride leader or ride leader representative at all times.

This is meant to be a silent ride & i request the conversation is kept to a
minimum. If you like, please feel free to wear a black arm band if you know anyone that has been killed whilst riding their bike & a red arm band if you have been seriously injured whilst riding your bike.

Expect that we may get some grief from other impatient motorists and i ask that you do not retaliate in any way to these people. (except if your rhino, you have free reign to dish out pain to all brisbane motorists)

good ride, nice to meet you all.
see you all for the next one.

Nine fixed riders made it to the Ride of Silence in Brisbane.

Blakey; In the Pink; fryshaun; deadlytreddly; Rhino; Inane; rogaine; Lupine 128; Myles.

A quiet tour of the city in a group of around 100 riders, off to the Urban Grind for coffee and a visit to ndf - recovering from yet another bout of surgery - hopefully his last. A fitting day out.

And I found another photo as well…

It was a good showing by the fixie guys, and it must be mentioned that we all rode within the first 6 lines of the long line of some 100+, with one proud fixie being right on the front.