Brisbane Sat ride 11/2/05

As pseudo-usual, we’ll be meeting at the QUT end of the Goodwill Bridge at 6am this saturday for a ride, destination unknown, but possibly Northside.

All welcome, as long as you’re fixed. See you there.

Ace ride!# thanks guys, that was loads of fun.

To all those who piked because of the rain: I am very sorry you missed it, even “halfy” made an appearance, although no blood this time :wink:

C’mon Brisbane & Gold Coast fixies - come out of the shadows and ride!@#

Oh, sorry for breaking the “no photo, no post” rule, but I’m holding out for a head mount still camera.


NDF, here are the photos!

11th Feb 2006

28 Jan 2006

Thanks to all photographic contributors (subjects & camera operators!)



Is the Brisbane ride on this Sat? I don’t have my bike but may come and meet you all…

Should be on… watch this space for updates :slight_smile:

BRILLANT…am very tempted now to take my bike up!

At the moment it’s on for 6am this Sat, meeting at the north (Qld uni of technology) end of the goodwill pedestrian bridge in the CBD. (If you get lost call one of us and we’ll direct you. My mobile is 0410 345679)

If you can’t get your bike up with you, perhaps one of the other guys up here can hook you up with a ride. What size frame do you usually ride?

Then all you’d have to bring would be a helmet, perhaps shoes&pedals.

I’ll email the other Brisbane guys and see if there’s anything available. Sadly, I only have one fixie.

FANTASTIC>…I don’t have a bike, but will come and meet you all on foot. I have found a place to live as well…I will now reside in Hawthorne (please don’t tell me its an awful place to live).

Cheers guys, see you in a bit.

Don’t know if you’ll see this in time, but PeterMc (rogaine) can hook you up with a frame if you have a helmet.

Also, if you don’t end up on a bike, give us your mobile # and we’ll tell you when we’re almost back to the city so we can all meet up and have a beer/coffee.


you guys drink beer after rides, that early in the morning?

nice choice of cities rhino.



Hell … its not all that early … maybe 0930 …

[edit] post ride 0745 this morning - coffee only tho

Great ride again this week - that river loop is super fun :slight_smile: Thanks and see you next time or whenever .


Yeah, only because Peleton isn’t licensed. If there was beer to be had I’d have had it. I thought it was going to be a cold wet ride, instead I was pleasantly surprised that it was a hot dry ride.

Here’s my top 5 events from todays ride:

  • The old trackie that rogaine chased down to try and recruit. Uncle Fix needs >you<!
  • A 20" wheeled tandem, possibly folding/demountable too.
  • An enormous bunch of tourers, panniers and wool jerseys abounded, who we smoked on the hills so they huffed and puffed past us on the Coro Dr path to regain some dignity.
  • The bike-jam at Indro station. Traffic lights stayed red forever and cyclists kept piling up. According to ndf I won the TLGP handily against all the caffeine fuelled roadies, which I attribute soley to the awesomeness of eggbeaters and not any sort of skill.
  • Not sending another MTB wheelsucker sprawling.


PS: There’s a $2K CF track bike in the hallway at Peleton in Milton, with the styling Miche Supertype seatpost. Very nice.

I’d like to add:

  • all the confused reactions to Kadence King (aka rogaine) on the downhill runs


The only thing that marred the day was being told to “fuck off dickhead” by motorists on the ride home from Nerang Station. Yep it’s all class, style and sophistication here on the coast :confused:

Yesterday’s ride, from my place at The Gap, the Brisbane “River Loop”, maybe the best known of local rides, done “backwards”.

The meet point is at 11.something K, coffee at Peleton, a bike shop combined cafe, at 45.something K. For occasional Brisbane visitors the XXXX brewery with its distinctive signage is around 200 metres north of here.

Only three of us, but nice day for it and a good ride.


Gents, I tried to find the bridge and meet at 6, but I got lost in the University. I am up and moved there by the 15th, and will join for the first ride on 19th Sunday.