Brissie Visit


I’m coming down Sat and doing a cruisie roll from New farm to Gear and grab lunch and a beer or 2 somewhere…

Come join if ya keen…

jump on:

^^ ignore that idiot… a ride from newfarm to westend at a normal persons hour is much better idea.

ill see what time i knock off work, should be bout 12, so would be rolling that way anyways

Sweet thats about the time I will be rocking up in New Farm

wot chu doin working on a Saturday?

Brissy trip now cancelled

I get to spend the weekend working in sunny Emerald

Yay for me…

DO NOT visit the star hotel in emerald, only go if you want a std from the titty girls. not good at all

so i dont get to skid your cinelli??? :frowning:

It’s ok. I much prefer the Gold Coast, ie surfers Paradise and down that end, it’s only an hours drive from Brissie. I spose there are museums and stuff to visit, I did’t find Brisbane to be that exciting.!!

Why don’t you fuck off hey Jenny?

^^ was just thinking “what the fuck”

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