Bro hats

I hope they’re stocked up on Yolo and Swag

Bro Hats! Neon Hats- Party Hats- Neon Trucker Caps & Swag Hats

Do they do #messlife and #jaffle ones


^What a dump.

Here’s a bit of PR for the U.S military

Looking at their pics gallery, if I had a life like theirs, I’d kill myself.

yeha! get some!

I don’t know what you’re talking about. Look how much fun these bro’s and bro-ette’s are having.

I can think of some other four-letter words they can put on them.

how do you spell fuckwit in four letters?


get it printed!

You could buy two hats? One says DICK the other says HEAD.

no ‘date rapist’ ones? that’s a pity.

DATE RAPE could fit so easily on there as well.

these hats pretty sum-up “guys” and “guys” are a zit on the planet’s butt.


I don’t get it? What are these hats?
Is it like the fad of orange hunting hats (deers can’t see orange)

They’re hats for ‘bros’. See mckenny’s comment above.

Deer must be able to see orange… They must see it as another colour or does anything orange become see through?

Smart ass, we could get those hats kit.