Broken Spoke

Hi Guys, my boss broke a spoke on his roadie

He wants to repair it himself/get me to do it.

Can you guys help me identify the wheel and point me towards a cheap way to repair

looks like the wheel is a WH-R550 as written on the hub

Is your boss paying you? Letting you do it on company time? If not… take it to a shop and bill him?

If you can’t get the shimano factory spoke, get a 300mm straight pull (round/bladed) spoke and a nipple that fits the hub (or reuse the old one) and install it using the old spoke washer that was fished out of the rim. Maybe detension the drive side to make installation easier and then bring everything back up to tension/true evenly.

NDS silver spoke part # is: Y-4BR98150

WH-R550-T is different, but it’s not a 135mm OLD wheel right?

How to replace the spoke:

Of course the spoke is NLA, so if you want genuine shimano you’ll have to sub for another 300mm straight pull, like from WH-R560/WH-R561/WH-6600, part# Y4CP98040. If your LBS is unable to source they’re $8+post from Moruya, £5+post from SJS, maybe order some extras and some drive side ones…

FYI you do need a semi-proprietry tool for those stupid hub nipples. Sometimes a mini shifter will work in a pinch.

best thing to do here is throw the wheel in the river and buy a new one.

Tried that with Blakey but he just climbed out. Might work better on wheels?

Thanks for the help guys. I reckon Moruya is the way to go.

haha rekt.

the above suggestion of throwing wheel in river, while environmentally irresponsible is the best course of action.

it’ll have plenty of obikes to keep it company as well :stuck_out_tongue: