Broken Velocity B43 Great Response A+ for Velocity

Hi Guys
wanted to let you all know, i bought a B43 and when i received it there was a split in the rim (as picture)

Anyway long story short. After contacting velocity they are going to replace my rim free of charge and have told me to keep riding my current as it is structurally fine and i will receive the new one once it is made up.
Velocity are going above and beyond for their customers and im glad to say i will always ride Velocity rims because of this experience. Velocity come highly recommend in my books!!!

so this isn’t going to turn into a bullshit-fest like that photoshop taco-rim shitstorm-in-a-teacup that happened with the H+ rim a while back…?

The ‘split in the rim’ you refer to looks like a poorly joined/pinned rim. Is that correct?

Yeah, its just a shithouse seam. Its actually happened to a few b43’s. Its good they are addressing the issue with yours.

You got anything to add Gooooose whereever you are…

…do you get to keep your current rim for the polo bike?

I’ve taken care of it.
We address the issue with every rim that leaves here if your not happy with it.

Sometimes this can happen if the rim isnt dialed in on the dial guage to .1mm while being joined to get it perfectly flat, and with having such a deep section rim with so much tension when its banded up, it will try and pull apart and shift outside that .1mm tolerance when cooked at the 200 deg which can leave an extra .1mm or so which is exposed with bonding glue in the join. (which wont change the stractual properties of the rim what so ever). A powdercoated rim will always look worse, as the powder will not stick to the glue like anodise will.

Even if there is a gap in the join in the rim, it will close under the tension of truing it up once built.

Is there any chance I can come out and see how Velocity make there products?

I’d be really keen, very very keen. :smiley: